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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Used Car Shortage

If you have been shopping for late model used vehicle in the last couple of months, you may have noticed that there isn't a big selection of the makes and models that you're after. This is because there is now a shortage of quality pre-owned cars in the marketplace. You see, there cannot be used car without a new car, and with new car sales being weak in the last few quarters, there are fewer new cars being put out on the road to be driven and then make there way back onto a car lot as used cars. To further complicate this situation, this shortage of new car sales means fewer trade-ins. With today's tough economic conditions, people are more compelled to hang on to their old car if it is still serviceable, rather than splurge on a new car.

With conditions the way they are, it has made for a very strong used car market and demand for quality used cars is now outweighing used car supply. All is not lost though; fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever to search and find the vehicle you are looking for. So do not despair if you haven't found that perfect car, use the tools at your disposal and you will no doubt find the vehicle for you. If you are in Las Vegas, try www.universalautonv.com. We have a large selection of highly sought after vehicles and if you don't see what you're looking for, put in a special request and our buyers will go to work to get you the car of your dreams!


  1. The used car shortage will continue through first quarter 2011, as new car manufacturers up inventory releasing pent-up demand. In the meantime get a warranty to protect your used car from expensive repairs while you save down payment money for your next car.

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